Stories on stage

The years given are for the year of first publication or performance. 
"G" is for works originally written in German. "E" is for published translations in English, with publication details. All other English titles here are unofficial translations solely for the purposes of this bibliography.


1946 Barcelona Calls (private reading)
1952 The Good Song
1955 September Nights
1956 Poor Devil (banned after read-through)
1957 Such a Love
1957 Goodbye, Sadness
1960 The Third Sister
1960 They Called Me Comrade (banned after 7th performance)
1963 The Twelve
1967 August August, the Clown
1970 Evol (Aksál, one-act play)
1971 War on the Third Floor (one-act play)
1974 Bad Luck in the Attic (one-act play)
1974 Fire in the Basement (one-act play)
1974 Rr (with Václav Havel, one-act play, private reading)
1976 Sex (one-act play, private reading)
1979 Testimonial (one-act play)
1979 Protest (one-act play)
1981 Maria's Struggle with the Angels
1982 Little August (for children)
1985 Biscay Memory
1985 Safari (one-act play, G)
1987 Stalemate or the Game of Kings (G)
1989 Ecce Constantia! (reading on stage by the author, G)
1991 A Little Blood-Feud
1995 Ghost Battle (one-act play)
2001 Two Heavies Against the Mob
2002 Eros
2003 Arthur's Bolero
2005 A Little Might Music

Adaptations – with the name of the original author

1950 Fame (Gusyev)
1956 A Tale Forever Young (Gladkov)
1957 Courage (Ketlinskaya)
1961 Around the World in 80 Days (Verne)
1963 War with the Newts (Čapek)
1963 Josef Šwejk (Hašek)
1964 Marie October (after the film Marie-Octobre, France 1959)
1971 Don Juan and his Manservant (compilation, under the names of Jiří Adamíra, Jiří Dalík and Valtr Taub)
1973 Poor Murderer (Andreyev, New York: Penguin, 1977, E)
1975 Roulette (Andreyev)
1978 King Colas the Somethingth (Rolland)
1978 America (Kafka – with Ivan Klíma)
1978 Play Makbeth (Shakespeare, living room theatre in Prague – inspiration for Tom Stoppard's Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth)
1982 Cyrano! (Rostand, for cast of 7)
1983 The Gambler (Dostoievsky)
1984 The Great Maple-Tree Game (Eliade)
1984 1984 – The Nightmare (Orwell)
1991 We Nibelungs (Hebbel)
1996 Cyanide at Five (Wrtbovska)
2005 Cyrano!! (Rostand – mini-musical for actors)
2007 R.u.R.a.G. (Čapek)
2008 The Mother of the Dog (Matesis)